You are not eligible to become a USAF officer.

The Air Force still needs you! Explore other ways you can serve the United States Air Force in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Become a USAF Airmen - Real skills, purpose-driven!

Consider a rewarding career as an enlisted Airman. When you enlist in the Air Force with a high school diploma or GED in hand, you will not only get hands-on training to learn a job integral to the Air Force, you’ll also earn college credits toward an associate degree. You will also start earning a great paycheck from day one!

The Air Force offers incredible opportunities and goes above and beyond to take care of Airmen and their families
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Join the Air National Guard - Flexible service, big impact!

The Air National Guard is a unique military branch that offers opportunities you won’t find in any other organization on the planet. Understand what options the Air Guard can offer you.

Agile. Modern. Military.

Serve your nation, your community and contribute to Air Power on your terms by serving in the Air National Guard. Maintain your full-time career or attend school while serving in your chosen location. Air Guard receive a comprehensive benefits package and regular paycheck for their service.

Empower yourself. Protect your community.
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