UiPath RPA Associate Developer Exam Enrollment: How-to

Watch this video to understand the testing procedures, online experience, certification manager and scoring feedback.

UiPath Associate Developer Exam Prep

Watch this if you're ready to start studying for the exam!

Data Manipulation using Visual Basic - Part 2 (Strings)

This video uses UiPath Studio to build a simple process that shows some simple data manipulation using strings. It will help to confirm your understanding of data manipulation, strings, and UiPath Studio.

Data Manipulation using Visual Basic - Part 1

This video will improve your understanding of data types and common manipulation using the Visual Basic programming language. It's very useful for those taking on the UiPath Developers Course without a programming background.

The Try/Catch Activity - UiPath Studio

This video will show basic functionality of the Try/Catch activity in UiPath Studio.

Simple Data Tables

This video will show you how to build and manipulate a simple data table in UiPath Studio. This is extremely useful for those following the UiPath Developers Course.

Collections in Visual Basic (Part 1)

This video will provide insight into collections when using Visual Basic. It is useful as a review or for those just entering the world of programming. If you're making you're way through the UiPath Developers course, it's a must.

Collections in Visual Basic - Part 2

This is follow up video that builds on the collections in visual basic presentation. UiPath studio will be used to create a list, manipulate it, and output to a log message.

Numbers in Visual Basic (Part 2)

This video is a follow up to Numbers in Visual Basic. It will walk you through a simple process that demonstrates the types and uses for different number in Visual Basic. It will all be performed in UiPath Studio.

Numbers in Visual Basic (Part 1)

Use this video to increase your understanding of number data types. This is extremely helpful for those working through the UiPath Developers Course.