I'm Anindo, aka Bas, aka papa, aka sexual chocolate.

I'm going to tell you exactly why I would make the best
lover, perfect for any season.

Destiny Isn't A.I, It's A.B: Anindo Basu.

I am your destiny and your truth. Come to me bask in my warmth.

Highly Responsive

I'll listen to all your worries
and hold you tight and tell you
it'll all be alright.


Perfect for cuffing season. 
I'll never let you go x.


I will never hide anything 
from you, my phone is always 
unlocked for you x

I Will Make ALL Your Dreams Come True

I am a prince in India and have many riches so I will be able to take you anywhere in the world and give you great gifts. Examples include.

- Darwin
- Your own Taj Majal
- Christmas Island
- North Sydney

Designed for Your Pleasure.

I have been perfectly constructed in a lab to be able to fulfil your every need. Thats right, every need ;)

P.S. Did I mention that I am a gun at blue prism?

- Cuddley and warm for the harsh Sydney winter
- Full head of hair
- Fits in baggage compartment of plane
- Will love you