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dylan - May 4, 2021

At its core, data science is all about solving problems using data.

Our Data Science Courses can be studied anywhere including Sydney, Melbourne or even in the comfort of your own home with self-paced learning and assessments with 24/7 instructor support.

Our Data Science Course takes about 140 hours to complete focusing on four main concepts.

  1. Define: "What questions do we ask our data?"
  2. Transform: "How do we prepare data for analysis?"
  3. Analyse: "How can we generate meaningful insights and findings?"
  4. Communicate: "Learn how to present your key findings"

The demand for data scientists has increased 663% in five years and this is only expected to keep growing.

If you'd like to learn data science in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in the world, click the button below.

What Can You Do With Data?

Among many other applications, you can apply the skills learnt during our Data Science pathway to build interactive dashboards and visualisations.

Below is an example if what you'll learn how to build within the Data Visualisation and Power BI Course.

Power BI Dashboard Visualisation
If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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