Forget B-21 Bombers - train Data Analyst

- July 1, 2020

The Analytics Translator

"If I had one extra dollar to spend, it would not be on more B-21 stealth bombers or a faster deployment of new cruise missiles. It would be on data." At least that is the opinion of Air Force Gen. Timothy Ray from Air Force Global Strike Command.

For all those transitioning or new veterans - you might be trying to get your head around Data Analytics in private companies. What value can I add? I can barely turn on a computer. To help get the idea - start using your experience in the military. The military needs someone that can translate from non-technical leadership to technical talent. Look around you - the Army has the same problem!

Just read this article that was submitted in response to a call for ideas issued by the co-chairs of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, Eric Schmidt (ex-CEO of Google) and Robert Work (United States Deputy Secretary of Defense).

The Army knows that it needs to start managing talent. Bootcamps and WYWM training is proving that that time and resource-intensive multiyear degree programs are not critical. Motivated and willing soldiers of all career paths and ranks can learn to become full-stack data scientists and analytics translators with the appropriate training.

In 1944, Gen. George S. Patton famously told Gen. Omar Bradley, “just give me 400,000 gallons of gasoline, and I’ll put you inside Germany in two days.” A little more than 70 years later, data is now as valuable as fuel to modern conflict. The Army must build a rich talent pool of full-stack data scientists and analytics translators to exploit this new reality.

Start looking around you - find where a little data analytics could have a huge help to the Army. Start to understand the capabilities and what you could use to solve problems. Leave comments below on data ideas that could have a huge impact on the military. You know more than you think.


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