Data Challenge #2 - Maccas

Jimmy Wynen - November 19, 2020

Challenge your Data Analytics skills!

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Each fortnight we will present a data challenge to be solved. These challenges will be a mix of Excel, Power BI, Tableau and SQL and are designed to increase your proficiency in skills across the data pathway. We encourage everyone on the Data Pathway to take a crack and challenge yourself!

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Challenge #2 - Maccas

Download the Dataset here


You are working with a team of Data Analysts currently doing a health survey of fast-food chains in the USA. You have been given Maccas (McDonalds) to analyse.
Your task is to determine the correlation between various metrics such as protein, sugar, fat etc - and effectively plot the relationship.


Using Excel, Power BI or Tableau, complete the following:

1. Create a Correlation Plot to answer the following questions:

Q1 - Correlation visualisation of Calories, Calories from fat, Carbs, Cholesterol, Dietary fibre, Protein, Saturated fat, Sodium, Sugars, Total fat and trans fat
Q2 - Identify the correlation between sugars and carbs - Is it correlated? If so, is it positively or negatively, strong or weak correlation? 
Q3 - Create a slicer showing the Correl between Protein and total fat within the Beef and Pork Category
Q4 - Using the slicer show the Correl between calories and carbs within the breakfast menu category
Q5 - Using the slicer find the ratio of protein to sugars between within the Iced mocha menu item 
Q6 - Create a dashboard with a Card, slicer and visualization demonstrating the correlation between 2 different measurements within 2 different menu categories 

2. Create a Scatterplot to answer the following questions:

Q1 - Create a scatter plot identifying protein and total fat adding a trend line, is there a correlation?
Q2 - What is the median of the data presented and what is the average of the data presented?
Q3- Add 95 percentile lines on the scatter plot, which items are within this range?
Q4 - Which item is within the 99th percentile range?
Q5 - Create a dashboard with visualisation of scatter plot, correlation card and slicer (for menu category and item category)

Lastly, to practice your skills, you can complete the following questions:
(note these last questions will not be assessed for the challenge, but are good practice!)

Q1- AVG total calories of each ‘category’ menu item -- (which has the highest avg)
Q2 - AVG total calories of Fat in each ‘Category’ menu item --(which has the highest avg)
Q3 - Total fat in one Specific Menu category -- (specific which menu item this is)
Q4 - Percentage difference between highest total fat in breakfast item compared to lowest total fat in breakfast item)
Q5 - Count of each ‘category’ of breakfast item -- ( which item has the highest count of menu items/ which has the lowest)

Submit your answers

Submissions close 04/12/2020 at 12:00pm AEST.
Submit your answers directly to Jimmy via Discord.
Good luck!

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