WYWM Basic Excel and Analysis Skills - Common Errors

- August 3, 2020

Common Errors in Excel

This week we will be looking at a few of the common errors and problems that we may have encountered while merging data from different spreadsheets and performing some of the formulas. Excel is a fantastic but doesn’t always work the way we expect. The newest versions are fantastic and sometimes will not allow you to complete a formula if it can identify any errors.

When copying formulas from another spread sheet sometimes when you close the spreadsheet you copied from the values can appear as '#REF!'. To fix this you need to copy the formula as values. To do this, perform the look up or formula in you first column. Insert a second column, copy and paste in the new column as values.

Common Excel Errors

  1. ######## - Column isn’t wide enough
  2. #NAME? – There is text in a formula that excel cannot recognise.  This could be a spelling error
  3. #VALUE? – There is an error within the cells being used to calculate the formula
  4. #NULL? - There is a missing command within your formula
  5. #REF! – Missing or deleted parts of a formula or from another workbook that is no longer open.

Clearing the formatting in a column or cell is sometimes the easiest way to correct formatting problems. These errors mostly occur when multiple people are using the same spreadsheet. Or when Copying and pasting from several different sheets. To clear the formatting from a cell or group of cells follow these steps. Select the group of cells, go to the home tab, go to the editing group section, click clear, select formatting.

Excel is always improving its functionality and usability. Most errors are simple typos or errors that take not much time to fix.

I hope this video and article has helped you understand why a few of the most common errors occur and more importantly shown you where to look so you can easily correct them.

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