6 Week Basic Excel And Data Analysis - Merging Data and Pivot Tables

- July 1, 2020

Week 2 – Merging Data, Using Pivot Tables and Graphs

This week we start using some simple formulas and functions with in excel to create more data to work with. We will be practising merging data and using pivot tables to help start the analysis process. We will also be creating some visualisations (graphs). 

The visualisations we will be using are the clustered column. It’s clean, it’s clear and super easy to read. Remember your audience will not always be other data analysts. You need to make your reports and visualisations easy to read and used friendly. Next week we will go into more detail about using the right visualisations but for now I encourage you to play around with the graphs on offer in excel.

Why don’t you tell me what your favourite graph is and why? Do you like bright colours or do you like muted tones? These are important things to be looking at for the following weeks.

If you would like to go back to week one and download the first data set click the link below.

I am happy to help and would love to hear your feedback and insights on what the data is telling you. If there are any topics or functions that you would like to know more about please drop me an email or book a call with me.

See you next week,
Associate Instructor – Data
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