6 Week Basic Excel and Data Analysis – Building a Report

- July 20, 2020

Week 4 - Building a Report

Now that we have almost finished with our analysis, we are ready to move into building a report. This will be a short and simple report for your direct manager. You may ask - Why are we not building and presenting a dashboard? In this case it would be too much. The aim for this exercise was to identify a few friction points that we could work on for the next time our company does something like this.

Sometimes a short one to two page report will suffice. We will use the skills that you have learnt in the WYWM Basic Excel and Analytics course regarding theme and graph presentation using the motto ‘less in more’. 

Using a few figures/totals and a graph or two we will give a short and simple report on how the techs did for their first set of audits. You will want to add 2 or 3 findings and add a recommendation or 2 at the end.

Things to think about when building a report:

  1. With a small Data set – You will sometimes have more questions than answers
  2. Preparing a report before all the data is in could be premature. The results could change drastically even if you are near the end.
  3. Continue to go back to your data and ask different questions. Re-defining your questions can often help if you feel stuck
  4. What data could you collect next time that would benefit your company?
  5. Small errors can make a big difference
  6. It is especially important to keep your report Clear and Clean – break it down to the bones.

Remember this data set is for you to practice. I encourage you to complete the report just as if you were giving it to your manager. Practice writing a report will give you some confidence especially if you haven’t ever had to write a report before. For an entry level position in Data you will more than likely be given the ‘simple’ and basic jobs to do to start off. Your report can add to your portfolio of works to show a prospective employer. If you have any questions regarding the report, the data set or basic excel I’m available for a chat.

Download your Report Template below. Use this in your to build your report using the four sections. Think about how you want your report to be set out.

The following links will take you to each week of Basic Excel and Analysis Course. You will not be marked on these, however I am happy to answer any and all questions but also to give feedback on what you are currently working on.

Week 1 – Basic Excel and Data Analysis – Cleaning Data

Week 2 – Basic Excel and Data Analysis – Merging Data and Pivot Tables

Week 3 – Basic Excel and Data Analysis – Averages and Percentages

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Next Week we will be covering a few more excel skills and I will be showing you how to fix a few errors that often occur in excel.

See you all next week
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