Linux Fundamentals bytes with Martin - Improved understanding in 6 simple weeks!

Martin - June 30, 2020

If you are struggling or are totally new to Linux, it might be good to hear that you already do know more about Linux than you think.

Not everyone knows about Linux, nor do most people use it. Its a niche operating system (OS), right? Well you are mostly right. A significant amount of industry relies on Linux, and in addition to that every Android phone uses a Linux distribution as its base OS.

You may also believe your computer at work operates on Windows, and you may be surprised to actually know that it is a VM based on Linux architecture.

Hopefully my little byte into Linux may help you realise that you knew more than you thought you did and open your eyes to other possibilities

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room linux

Week 1 - Linux Stuff you already know

Lesson 1 is covers just the basics of the installation of a Linux distribution via a virtual machine software walkthrough. Then we skim over the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and pick out icons we are already familiar with likening them to other Windows programs.

To fully get the most out of this video, grab the companion here at the below link.

Week 2 - Its all in the command

Week two of the Fundamentals byte shows us some navigation of directories basics in Linux. This weeks partner document provides examples for you to try at your own pace.

Week 3 - The tree of Linux

Week three of the Fundamentals byte shows us the similarities of the windows file tree and Linux. The partner document breaks down in depth the reason and purpose of each folder.

Week 4 - Command, say again?

Week four of the Fundamentals byte shows us how to install new programs to Linux via two different methods and the partner ddocument provides us a method of following along a practical exercise within the Linux CLI.

You can either test your skill and attempt the exercise without looking at the answers or you can use the answers to follow along. The important part is that you power on and secure that knowledge!

Week 5 - Snooping the network

Whether you like being nosey, want to know if you are at risk or want to prevent others from looking at your network, understanding is the first step. This week we look at network connections from the basics of your IP to a little bit of a peek around to see what we can see.

This weeks partner document gives examples of common commands and programs to empower you to look around a network, which are the basics for a career in pentesting.

Week 6 - The end game

Thanks for sticking around, hopefully this has been helpful and you have seen that you knew more about the basics of Linux that previously thought.

This week we finish up with a little quiz, see below for 25 Linux related questions. I am sure you will do great!

If you think cyber might be were you want to go, feel free to get in contact so we can start that journey.


Click the link below to access the quiz:


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