Benefits of studying cloud computing

- July 11, 2021

Cloud computing has several advantages over on premises computing.

  1. Lower Capitol Expenditures (CapEx). This means instead of paying upfront for Hardware and Software you can "rent someone else's computer. By using a public cloud system (AWS, Azure, Google Compute) you do not need to spend a lot of money "up front" to get up and running.
  2. Lower operating costs. This means you only pay for what you use. If you only need a little computing power that month or only use a small amount of web bandwidth related services. You pay for the little you use rather than a fixed rate.
  3. Cloud computing can scale. quickly. This means if you suddenly need more compute power, storage space or web services you can get it. Practically instantly. No waiting for on premises delivery and setup (hardware).
  4. Cloud computing can be accessed around the world. For the big Cloud providers (again Azure, AWS, Google) there are computing centers local to most regions, speeding up response time and lowering cost.
  5. Easy backup. In different Regions or Zones as well. So an earthquake or natural disaster wont reach the zone containing the backup.

So why study cloud computing?

To overuse a phrase "Cloud Computing is the future". Cloud computing is not brand new but it has significant room for growth with surveys indicating most companies that have an "online presence" for business to business or business to customer, are planning to add cloud computing to their business model.

More adoption of cloud computing = more jobs. And as we shall see below a wide variety of jobs.

What kinds of job roles are available as a Cloud worker?

Cloud has a lot of job specialties. Cloud Admin: sort of like the network administrators "of old" with servers, routers and cables giving or denying permissions. But more virtualized with the new cloud model. Cloud Data Analysts: Data problems will need to be solved and there will be a strong need for Cloud Data workers. Cloud CyberSecurity:, yes you guessed it Cloud Engineers can specialize in cybersecurity as well.

So think about what you would like to do with a Cloud computing career, do the fundamentals then specialize in Cloud Admin, Data Analytics, Cloud Security, or Even Governance and Policies.

So, what can WithYouWithMe do to help put you into a cloud role?

Well we have already ran several fundamentals bootcamps. Bootcamps are 4 day 90 minute live online lectures. For example we recently we ran AZ-900 Azure cloud fundamentals, DP-900 Azure Data fundamentals and a couple of other "test" bootcamps. We are open to suggestions, so If you are keen for AWS cloud, Azure AI-900 or one of the more advanced Admin or Engineering courses speak up by email or discord!

How can I enroll?

Get on our WithYouWithMe mailing list (for bootcamps and upcoming events), also your wywm login and look under courses then find Events and look for bootcamp events. Still can't find an enrollment form? Ask on Discord.

So Fill out an enrollment form and we'll see you for your first bootcamp!

If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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