Azure Internet of Things

- November 23, 2021
This article will familiarize you with the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) services
Popular Azure instructor Adam Marczak covers Azure Internet of Things Services

Microsoft Learn Guide: Introduction to Azure IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to Internet-connected devices and the applications that manage them. Devices include sensors for temperature, fluid pressure, and moisture. These have industrial uses, home uses and increasing farming uses. 

Microsoft has 3 applications to address IoT: 

  1. Azure IoT Hub 
  1. IoT Central  
  1. Azure Sphere 

1. Azure IoT Hub 

Azure IoT hub is a cloud-hosted, bidirectional service message hub between an IoT application and the devices it manages. 

Example: Monitoring the operation of coolers, as well as food temperature inside – sending out an alert if temperatures fall out of a certain range. 

Benefits: IoT hub is an PaaS solution and gives the client more flexibility when using additional Azure PaaS services. Hwever, it requires more development, management and investment into the solution. 

2. IoT Central 

IoT Central builds on an IoT Hub, adding a pre-built customizable dashboard to view, connect to and control your devices. Microsoft refers to IoT Central as a SaaS level service Example: Healthcare equipment monitoring using a prebuilt industry-focused application template. 

Benefits: Azure IoT Central is a SaaS solution with pre-built application templates for several industries such as energy, retail, healthcare, or government. The purpose of SaaS applications is to get a company up and running without concern for managing the servers or underlying equipment 

3. Azure Sphere 

Azure Sphere creates an end-to-end, highly secure solution. 

Example: Monitoring critical electrical or water infrastructure (where security is of utmost importance) 

Which to Choose? 

  • Need flexibility and maximum control over configuration? Choose Azure IoT Hub
  • Need speed of installation, management, a dashboard, and alerts? Choose IoT Central
  • Is security critical (such as in voting, critical structure, or medical devices)? Choose Azure Sphere

AZ-900 exam tips 

See the following keywords?  Likely service required: 
PaaS, Flexible, More effort ---------> Azure IoT Hub 
SaaS, dashboards, pre-built ---------> IoT Central 
Secure, end to end solution, critical devices   ---------> Azure Sphere   
AZ-900 Study Tips

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