Why WYWM Tech Bootcamps Might Be Your Best Choice to Fill Your Digital Skills Gap.

Mel O'Sullivan - August 9, 2021

Do you believe that leaving your employees to develop their own digital skills is the best & fastest way to fill your digital skills gap?  

Do you believe that you know enough to train your own people in the latest digital skills and trends in technology?  

Do you believe that you can retain your best employees without offering them relevant upskilling opportunities? 

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then WYWM Tech Bootcamps might be just what your team needs. Bootcamps run for about an hour a day over a four to five day period. 

So why take your team out of production for an hour a day to attend Bootcamps?  

Let me give you five reasons to think about: 

  • Retaining and reskilling existing corporate knowledge is more cost effective than hiring new employees in most cases. Especially if the skills you need are in high demand throughout your industry. You can’t afford to assume that you can simply hire in the skills you need to fill your digital skills gap.  
  • Enable all your employees to access bottom up business insight and data driven decision making at all levels. What many businesses see as a talent shortage often turns out to be a skills shortage. You probably have talented analysts hidden in your team who have simply never had the opportunity to learn to maximise the capabilities of Excel – so they can’t show you the data on how they can save you $50,000 in freight costs out of your warehouse.   
  • Enable your staff to turn skills into ideas. Skilled staff have the time and capability to focus their attention on resolving your business pain points and better serving your customers. They know your business and customers better than any consultant ever will – and they are people with the most to win by fixing problems and driving business prosperity. Give your team the opportunity to help build your business and see where it takes you.  
  • Access team building/learning that is relevant to everyday business situations. Encourage a culture of learning in your team by connecting what needs to be learnt to individual and business growth.  
  • Uncover hidden talent in your existing team using our Potential Aptitude Testing system and fill your digital skills gap quickly by enrolling your people in one of our Bootcamps. Enable your team to keep up with the pace of the digital future of work.  

If you're ready to drive business growth and bridge the digital skill gap within your organization, it’s time to attend WYWM Tech bootcamps. It’s 100% for WYWM clients. 

Take a look here to see what's currently scheduled.

If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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