They play with your D***

davidlotzof - July 24, 2020

Understanding your technologists.

They comb through databases like a hungry Hyena, the data dictionary is their satnav and “data integrity” pleases them in ways that does not make sense.

They talk about queries, limitations and the performance of the data model when all you wanted was a, “Yeah, that should work” or “No, but we could do…” – ideally in a language you understand.

You have a team of these delightful nerds and want them to make you cool stuff and provide value to stakeholders. You know they can deliver the goods but trying get them to produce the result you had in mind can feel like you are pulling teeth.

Communication is one of the most important factors of dealing with people. The same rule applies when it comes to working with data. Understanding the details, having the right language is critical to making sure you can get the most out of your data. Making sure they can translate your needs and wants into reality rests on how they work with your data.

Time is finite and even more so when deadlines are due. If you can enable them to build an output that has better sustainability and scalability, you will be better off. There is a constant battle between the requirement of a “one-off” report and a permanent fix.

Sometimes the difference between the amount of work required may only be a couple of extra days. Not only will they never have to spend their valuable time doing that task again, but you will have the information you need, ready whenever you want. It is likely that your team will enjoy the challenge and engage them more with the mission at hand.

After all, they play with your data.

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