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- June 30, 2020

Hello Everyone! I built a list of resources that I have used to compliment my training at WYWM. The idea behind the list is to supplement your education as you progress through your courses here. This is only the start, so more will be added as I get more resources and conduct more research.

"Ugh, I am exhausted today and I don't have time for training. I want to stay up to date so I don't fall behind in my course progression, but how do I do that?"

Listening to a podcast while you prepare for work in the morning? Sounds like a plan!

These are some of the resources I use when I am short on time, which in turn help build my motivation for completing the next lesson in the course. I encourage everyone to pass on recommendations for me to add to the list as well!

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Podcast Book Audio Book Other
The CyberWire   The Threat Intelligence Handbook By: Recorded Future  
Hacking Humans   Cyber Security Program Development For Business By: Chris Moschovitis  
Caveat   Ghost in the Wires By: William L. Simon, Kevin Mitnick  
Recorded Future      
Fireeye: State of the hack      
SANS Daily Stormcast      
Darknet Diaries      
Malicious Life      
Black Hills Information Security      
Podcast Book Audio Book Other
Blue Prism Podcast      
Podcast Book Audio Book Other
  Back to Basics Data Analysis By: Lillian Pierson, P.E. , Meta S. Brown, Paul McFedries    
Podcast Book Audio Book Other
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