Stories of WYWM- What Even is an Archetype? by Chrissy Scott

Mel O'Sullivan - November 1, 2021

And what exactly does it have to do with who I am as a person?  

I asked myself these questions when I first jumped on the Potential website and completed my testing. I had no idea that this was even a thing and realistically at the time if I had seen anything pop up about it, I probably wouldn’t have cared. Much like those psychic articles that tell you what kind of personality you have based on your star sign, when you were born compared to a full moon and whether Neptune was floating in Space at that exact time, you get my drift. Only parts of what they said I felt resonated with me and who I thought I was.  

So why then when I completed my testing did my opinion changed? 

My results popped up and as I started reading them, the first thing that caught my eye was the red fire symbol and the word Creator. I instantly clapped and thought that’s 100% me! I am a creator, I love photography, capturing and creating bright colourful images! I make invitations and memory boards and keepsakes for my kids and my friends’ kids. I love making complicated cakes! I have always been creative so that first initial insight into my testing results set the scene for my willingness to believe that this could be a realistic look into who I was. Was it 100% accurate with how I perceived myself? Well not really. Because perceptions can be biased and that would have more to do with how I saw myself at the time of taking the test and my state of mind- but that’s a whole other story. Why was that important? Because I felt like deep down, I didn’t really know anything about myself. In all honesty I still don’t. 

Red has always been a colour that I have associated with throughout my life for various reasons. It was and to an extent still is one of my favourite colours. I spent 27 years of my life playing for a sports team whose colours were red and white. I got my Archetype shirt in the mail and I felt like an old part of me had returned. Sounds weird right, but after wearing that sports uniform for more the 3 quarters of my life, and then losing that when we posted felt like I lost part of myself.  

I wear that shirt every chance I get. 


Because red brings me comfort. Because it reminds me that I am a part of something meaningful. I watch my husband get up every day and put on his Cams. He’s part of something bigger than himself and I want that too. It’s like a uniform, a badge of honour and lets me know that I am in a team. That there is a place where I fit in and means that there are people out there that will resonate with me. And I don’t have to look far to find them. Are we all the same? Of course not! But it gives us common ground. It’s a conversation starter.  

That bright red shirt stands out whenever I wear it. I take pride in it. I want people to see that shirt and ask questions, go home and google the name. 

I would have worn the shirt no matter whether it was Blue or Green. Hell I would have worn it if it was the ugliest mustard colour just so that the WithYouWithMe mission was out there. Because it gives me a sense of purpose. But there is a lot to be said for a colour that’s heavily ingrained in your psyche. Red is passion. And thanks to WithYouWithMe I have passion again. I will wear that shirt until it's falling apart at the seams. And then I'll probably beg for some more shirts and anything else I can get! 

Because red is home. 

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