Stories of WYWM - Not Just Words on the Wall by Cindy David

Mel O'Sullivan - September 29, 2021

Not just Words on the Wall       

I am proud to say that I have completed week ONE with WYWM but my journey with this organization and our values started on day 1, the day I saw a LinkedIn job posting for the instructor position.  

From the very beginning, WYWM's values were at the forefront. The initial application consisted of explaining my understanding of said values & how I would live them out in my work.  

And thus, my journey into our values began... 

Be fierce. 

I am a single mom who worked within my comfort zone of financial services for 18yrs with no tech experience. It actually took me 2 weeks to build up the courage to write and send my application email. (I promise Jimmy, my pace will be quicker on the job) 

This taught me to shoot my shot. To be fierce and to believe in my own Potential.  

Kait contacted me the next day. After getting to know me a little bit and learning about my Why, she moved me along to the WYWM testing phase. 

Be the Customer. 

Ohhhh boy...that portion where they took a box apart and you had to visualize it back together? Not my strong point.  

Nonetheless, I was amazed with how accurate my results were to who I am. It gave me insight into what the customer sees, the value and reasoning of our testing and how we really do harness Potential over experience. 

Be Curious. 

As I hopefully waited for another email, I had already watched a multitude of WYWM videos and testimonials on all social media platforms. I was captivated and determined. 

I was then booked my technical interview with Jimmy! 

I was asked to explain Exploratory Data Analysis using Excel Pivot Tables. (I will be transparent here...in all my years of banking, I 'looked' at many excel spreadsheets -that was the extent of my knowledge) 

So..I went on a 2 day hunt, asked questions, gathering insight thru people I knew in data and taking free online courses to learn the subject matter. 

(True story -a bat flew into my home as I was on my final loom filming draft..but that tale of sheer horror is for another time.) 

Be Transparent. 

I was so proud to have made it thru the technical portion. I then met Josh and Joel for the most interesting Culture fit interview.  

I was caught off guard by some of the questions but looking back, they put me in a position where I could choose to play the standard interviewee and give all the 'perfect' answers or be myself...be transparent. 

Thanks to all of you who played a part in the interview process as well as the first week of Onboarding. You have already challenged me immensely. I am beyond excited to see how holding true to these values will grow me, my teammates, our company and especially the people we serve. 

I truly believe WYWM's values are not just words on the wall. Not tag lines. Not empty corporate slogans.  

At least, not if we intentionally live them out and make them our own...in my case, as always, I chose pink 😉 

If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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