Stories of WYWM - My Story by Michael Wagner

Mel O'Sullivan - September 29, 2021

In the spring of 2020, I decided to make some changes in my life.  After 30 plus years in uniform, I wanted something more, I was not going to get promoted, and the army and civlian jobs that I was offered were just sole-sucking.  During a sleepless night, mindless scrolling through Facebook, I came across an ad for WithYouWithMe.  At first, I thought it was click bate but went for it anyway.  It took me to a webpage, where I registered and did some testing.  At this point, I still did not think it was real. It was a link on Facebook, and I believed it was just some data collection tool used by companies to target me with ads. 

Shortly after the test, I was called by someone in the company called Veteran Success, and they encouraged me to take a course. I believed this was some scam, and once I registered for a class, they would require my credit card number.  Well, that did not happen, and I continued to get calls and emails encouraging me and showing me potential jobs.  Then it happened I received an email with open positions listed, and for the first time in a long time, I decided to be fierce (bold) and returned the email outlining that one of those jobs was made for me.  To make a short story long, and after a couple of interviews, I got the job—all along asking myself if this company was too good to be real. To be clear, WithYouWithMe is the real deal.  

During this time, I became a single father of 9+1 (the plus one it is too hard to explain) children (7 still at home, three special needs), as my marriage of 25 years ended abruptly.  In addition, I left the only job I had as an adult, the Canadian Army.   Talk about getting out of your comfort zone.  But from that moment, I joined this great company I have attempted daily to keep the value of being fierce front and centre.   If I were not fierce and overcome my negative beliefs, I would still be in a soul-sucking job and not part of this great organization that means what it says and says what it means.   

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