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Mel O'Sullivan - September 29, 2021

My name is Mila, I am 34 years old, I grew up in a small village near of the Spanish borders in the south of France. 

I joined the French military at the age of 18, as an antitank missiles shooter in the land forces.  

When you leave the military, the transition agency only connects you to job offers based on your current degree or your previous job experience in the civilian, there is not much follow up and more than 15 years later, the system hasn’t changed and the institution still doesn’t have the capability to evaluate your potential, to match your profile with the best fit opportunities.  

As many soldiers from the ground, I had none of this.  

Before serving, I only reached the last level of high school graduation and indeed, as a missiles shooter it was impossible to find an equivalent job in the civilian but I used other human skills to build a project on my own: adaptability, organisation and resilience. 

I had to identify my strengths and weaknesses to define what to upskill, using what could be valuable in my profile for the industry and finding key factors of success to achieve my project. 

 It has been a pretty long way with obstacles all along the journey so I had to be fierce and involve myself in a continuous learning and improvement process. 

Without knowing it, I succeeded following the WYWM methodology!    

I completed a Business Engineering Degree and I started building a career of more than 10 years in the leading companies of the Defence Industry. 

As a kid, I always been curious and interested in learning, pretty much about everything (which was certainly exhausting for my parents!) as I constantly need intellectual stimulation.  

I am interested in philosophy, sciences, geopolitics and I developed the fantastic ability to learn foreign languages in a very short time, listening songs. 

But who cares about that? Seriously, in nowadays society, who cares about our human abilities? 

These are as many valuable skills that allows me to succeed in a working environment, as this multidisciplinary approach gives me the ability to think out of the box, to solve business and understand technical problems pretty quickly.  

Before joining WYWM, I was in Australia for one year and I was struggling to find a job as  I had no experience in the Australian market. After more than 10 years’ experience in the world’s biggest international companies, I was lacking experience! Does it make sense?! 

 As long as recruiters are hiring on experience, there will still be something missing, even when it doesn’t make sense! 

WYWM is born to trigger the cultural switch!       

It is 6 months that I am onboard and more than a Company, I can genuinely say that I have found a family.  

A safe place where I can be myself to experiment, fail and learn, and grow.   

 I am working as an Engagement Manager, supporting Companies in succeeding Digital and WF Transition and more than everything:  In WYWM I am Mila and I am a Translator, everyone knows my name and value my skills, I can really be myself and grow.  

My advice to people would be: Don’t wait no more to take the ownership of your Journey, If you want to discover about how WYWM is helping people like me, not only Veterans but People in its entire diversity to reach their potential? Visit our website and start the journey!  

If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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