Preparing for transition: Identify your potential!

Rebekah Nugent - June 30, 2020

During my last article, I discussed some on my lessons learned about military transition and the requirement for a growth mindset, believing that I could grow and develop by embracing challenges and previous mistakes and success. Today I’m going to continue to share my experiences with developing a growth mindset by identifying your potential!

Don’t limit your next role to what you do now - get out of that fixed mindset and grow and make sure you have done some preparing for transition! To help you adopt a growth mindset, spend some time to identify your values, likes, and potential. When I was choosing what path to start following for my post Army career I used a variety of methods to identify my next step, including self-reflection, mentorship, and testing.

Preparing for Transition: Self Reflection & Mentor-ship

I sat down and asked myself what do I like to do, and what do I want to do. I’ve always valued supporting and helping others, and had a strong interest in workplace performance and organisational effectiveness. I knew from my own reflections and previous performance appraisals that my strengths included interpersonal communication, organisation skills, and conscientiousness.

I now had some personal information, but was a bit lost on what to do next and how to use this information, so I reached out to a trusted member in my chain of command, my OPSO at the time, Luke. We discussed my strengths, likes, and goals, and he suggested Business and Human Resources. I started researching what HR was - a lot more than the team who fire and hire. I realised HR covered exactly what I wanted to do - improve organisation effectiveness through the most valuable asset of an organisation, the people, the human resources.

I had some direction now, but still wasn’t sure how to take the first step. I caught up with a former Sergeant who had recently transitioned to civvie street and he highly recommended WithYouWithMe. At the time I had never heard of WYWM, but if Dan spoke highly of them I knew they were worth a look. The advice from Luke and Dan has proved invaluable, and all I had to do was ask. There were many other people who helped me transition from the Military, and there will be many other people who continue to help me professional develop. I will never stop asking people for help and advice.

Why Testing is Important When Preparing for Transition

There are a large number of psychometric tests available, and if you have gone through the WYWM Portal you would have already done quite a few. Make sure you look at the results in your profile as these provide great insight into workplace factors such as stressors, motivators, communication, and team dynamics. These results provide you with information that you can use to find your next career; it does not matter if you are not currently in that industry, it’s about your potential to grow and develop into that career path and complete any training required. We know that people can succeed in new roles by developing their potential through learning, effort, and persistence.

If you see or hear about a new career pathway don’t view it as something you can’t achieve, think about how you can! Reach out to people who have already transitioned, who are in that career pathway. Read articles and watch videos about that industry, where it is now and where it is heading. Once you have identified a pathway or two you may realise you require some additional training - do not let this stop you! I’ll be following up this article next week by looking at learning, and owning the journey! If you’re stuck at the moment on what your next career step is I challenge you to think about your potential. Spend some time reflecting, ask somebody for advice, investigate your psychometric test results - it’s never too early to start your next chapter.

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