Potential - What are the WithYouWithMe Archetypes?

Mel O'Sullivan - August 31, 2021

Putting together a Super Team is all about finding the right balance of personalities, skill sets and natural abilities to achieve team goals.  

Everybody wants to be happy in their work. Everyone wants to contribute to team success in the best way they can. WYWM Potential takes a lot of the guess work out of finding the right mix of creativity, agility and productivity for Superteams. 

There's a lot of science behind it but basically we’ve loosely identified three basic personality types. You more or less mix and match on team composition according to task requirements and team/business maturity.  


Creative people typically have high levels of openness to experience, imagination and artistic interest. They also often have comparatively lower levels of conscientious and self-discipline. The Creative within a team will typically develop high-level ideas and spend time theorising the many solutions to a problem and the consequences as well as the second (and third) order effects. They think outside the box, typically have less resistance to change and don’t necessarily need structure or process to operate effectively. A higher percentage of creatives in Start-up, Growth and Resurgent teams is beneficial because they will typically challenge the status quo, theorise a better way of doing things and thrive in a dynamic environment.  


The Doer is the workhorse of the team who thrives in a process-driven and structured environment. They want to be able to execute and deliver on tasks, projects and other responsibilities but can get focused on doing and achieving rather than questioning why a task or process is being undertaken. Doers are typically high in conscientiousness, self-efficacy and achievement striving. They are also typically lower than average in neuroticism and openness to experience. A high ratio of Doers is desirable in mature teams because structure and process are typically in place, and the focus is typically on business as usual rather than disruptive changes.  


Translators are an essential component of the team as they’re able to discuss and understand the ideas of the creative and translate them into executable action for the Doer. Translators are typically high in agreeableness, altruism and cooperation, but also tend to not have extremes in any of the psychometric assessment metrics. The percentage of Translators required within a team is typically stable irrespective of its maturity stage as their key role is to understand the premise and intent of an idea, process or function, and identify executable actions. Translators also typically have a contrasting disposition to the Creative which enables them to articulate an idea in a different way that is often more understandable to the individual(s) who will be executing. Due to their nature, translators are often able to fill the role of a doer or creative in lieu of these types within a team. 

Every team needs all three archetypes in a different balance to achieve and maintain creativity, productivity and agility. The mix of archetypes in a team needs to grow and change with the business to remain relevant and productive. Start up businesses need a more Creatives than mature businesses. Mature businesses stuck in rut need more Doer’s to really drive a change in culture. Translators are desirable in any team at any stage of business maturity.   

Potential gives you the visibility to get the right mix of personalities in your Superteam.   Give us a call if you want to know more.

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