Potential - Taking the guesswork out of upskilling your workforce into the Digital Revolution.

Mel O'Sullivan - August 31, 2021

When the pace of digital technological development outstrips the development of personal and team skill sets then you have a Digital Skills gap. Should you choose to look you can find some pretty unnerving projections about job fluidity in the future of work. Depending on which statistics you choose to believe roughly 40-50% of current job descriptions will cease to exist within the next ten years (if not the next five). Take the logic to the next step and it is almost impossible to predict which current industry qualifications and certifications will remain relevant in the future of work.  
That’s a pretty unsettling view of a future career path – both as an employee and as a manager. How do you ensure your business and your employees can thrive in that kind of environment?  

How do you prepare your employees and your business for that kind of fluidity? You can’t control the pace and direction of the changes but you can influence and risk manage the way your teams respond to it.  

Ask yourself what it might take for a person to thrive and succeed in the future business environment. When faced with uncertainty in an unfamiliar environment people rely on the skills they have to find solutions to problems. Innovation is always born from an existing skill base. The skill that solves the problem might not be the one you expected – it might even be the skill or ability that you never knew the other person had until you needed it. If the combined skill base in your team is broad and deep then you have the Potential for a Superteam. 

In business, as in life, the person who knows they have the skills they need is more likely to thrive and excel in an environment of uncertainty. When desirable skill sets change so quickly the only answer is to enable people to learn new skills when and as needed. Employees need to be able to add to an existing personal skills base quickly and effectively.  

That means your employees need to know when and how to learn to best effect. When your people know their own natural aptitudes and abilities and can leverage their preferred learning styles to best effect then you have the Potential for a Superteam. When your people know where their own efforts can be most effective in a team then you have the Potential for a Superteam. When you can see easily how to fit your people together to achieve a result then you have the Potential for a Superteam. When you can see easily how you can encourage a growth mindset in your people then you have the Potential for a Superteam. When you can match the right personalities to the right roles then you have the Potential for a Superteam.  

WithYouWithMe Potential delivers a level of visibility on the natural aptitudes, preferred learning styles and personality traits in your team that will change the way you view the Potential of your workforce. 

WithYouWithMe Potential takes the guesswork out of upskilling your workforce to lead their own Digital Revolution.

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