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Mel O'Sullivan - September 1, 2021

You’ve already got a Human Capital Management (HCM) System that you are comfortable with. It tracks everything you need to know about your employees. You can see what training they’ve done, what promotions (or demotions) they’ve had, where they’ve worked and how much you pay them. 

You can see what your people have done and where they’ve been but can you see who they are? 

Why do you need to know?  

We don’t know of any other HCM system that knows your people as well as Potential does.  

So what?  

A lot of people are talking right now about a Digital Revolution that is “on its way”. If you’re telling yourself that this “pending Digital Revolution” hasn’t arrived yet then it has already left you and your team behind.  

How are your people responding to the pace of change? Do they struggle to learn new technology on the job? Do your people fear change in the workplace? How much control are you really giving them over their own workload? How much ownership do your employees really have in their areas of responsibility? How comfortable are they really to experiment and risk manage new situations? Are they really engaged with their work or are they just warming a seat while they look for a vocation they like better?  

You’re thinking a piece of software can’t solve those problems for you – and you’re right. 

Potential won’t make your decisions for you. Potential won’t talk to your people for you. Potential won’t train your people for you. Potential won’t wave a wand and magically give your teams a growth mindset. Potential won’t lead your people for you.  

What Potential will do is show you insight on why the Creative in your team hates work that is repetitive and boring – and why the Doer probably excels at it. What Potential will do is show you why Creatives and Doers usually need a Translator to work together happily. What Potential will do is show you why Doers are the best people to drive change against resistance.  

Most of all – Potential will show you who these people are in your team. Data driven Human Capital Management at the most fundamental level. 





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