Mel O'Sullivan - Associate Instructor Data Analytics - Camouflage Cowgirl

Mel O'Sullivan - June 30, 2020

Cheesy isn't it? But I bet it made you laugh! It's who I am really. Country raised, military trained, rural based.

Cowgirls (ok, and Cowboys) and Service People share a lot of common values. Honesty, transparency, duty, loyalty, teamwork, community conscience, family values, work ethic, and just a little wild streak to keep things interesting. "Old dogs, and children and watermelon wine" to quote the song.

Why Data Sciences and Analytics then? The gap between the two worlds is not as wide as you might think. In business and in life, the quality/relevance of the decision is a direct result of the quality of the information that went into making it. Veterans are analytical by training, if not by nature. We act in response to the information we have at hand. I love Data because it enables me to make sense of my world - and it is everywhere in one form or another. Data does not lie, cheat or steal - it simply is.

We veterans often find ourselves in situations that we struggle to interpret - be it social or professional. My transition wasn't easy. It's been a long, lonely march with a heavy load on a hard road at times. I've made a lot of mistakes. Someone said to me the other day "I've had a lot of practice at failing". I'm still standing and life is good.

If I can help just one veteran stay proud that will do for me.

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