How to get more veterans into tech? Opportunity. It fixes the bigger problems.

- July 1, 2020

What an opportunity.

I have served 20 years in the Canadian Army with three tours to Afghanistan. Over the last few years I wanted to give back to the veteran community and volunteer support. I worked with a few non-profits to support veterans suffering from homelessness and mental health. Common causes for the veteran community struggle were; lack of opportunity and a loss of the fire team partner to watch your back. Fixing those root causes, the symptoms, will solve the bigger suffering that we see.

With You With Me (WYWM) provides both. Their long term vision is to get more veterans into technology jobs. They want to solve the veteran underemployment problem and create opportunities. They want to break the narrative that veterans are 'all broken and incapable of working outside the military.' You are capable. You are competent, confident and able to work in small teams through stressful situations. You just need a shot. An opportunity. WYWM will give you skills for the changing labor market, emerging technology and talent shortages. They will let you know your strengths and weaknesses and steer you in the right direction. Also, almost all the employees are veterans or military spouses. They know what you are going through and understand the struggle.

I recommend this platform for Canadian military veterans, spouses and serving members that are transitioning out of the military. The training is free. WYWM works with large companies to transition their workforce for the changing labor market and emerging technology. They know how to get a job and what the market is looking for today. They have all been in your shoes.

Sign up and try it out. It is an opportunity.

Caleb Walker
TF 3-06 & 3-08 Kandahar, 2016 Kabul

If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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