alex - June 30, 2020

Converting Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

Part of becoming a better version of yourself is learning what your strengths and weaknesses are. However, many people will tell you to focus on your strengths over your weaknesses; I say, focus on your shortcomings over your strengths! My reasoning being that: You're strengths are things you have already mastered. They are the things you are familiar with and know how to navigate daily. But what about your weaknesses and all of the self-improvement left to do? For example, you know that question employers ask during a job interview? The "tell me what your strengths are?" That one answer you have been rehearsing all week like a Battle Drill, ready to blurt out without hesitation! No one ever has a problem answering that one. But what happens when they ask you about your weaknesses… Uh-oh!

Many people have a hard time identifying their weaknesses, partially because they never focus on them. To me, my shortcomings are simply unexplored strengths! And trust me, I have many of them! As a Military Intelligence Analyst, I learned very quickly that intelligence gaps (or the lack of information) were more critical than the intel I had already gathered. Why? Well, because the intel gap gave me a good reference point on what to do next. By nature, it identified what was missing and what I needed next to do to drive the mission. Our weaknesses do just that.

To put this into perspective: Last year, the US Military and a company called Synack put a team of Ethical Hackers together and allowed them to exploit government systems, particularly those of the US Air Force's F-15. Here is the link to the article by SOFREP if you would like to know more. But why would the US Military allow a group of hackers to exploit the legendary fighter jet? Well, according to Will Roper who is a top US Air Force acquisitions executive, "There are millions of lines of code that are in all of our aircraft and if there's one of them that's flawed, then a country that can't build a fighter to shoot down that aircraft might take it out with just a few keystrokes." By allowing this, the US Military was able to identify critical weaknesses and then close the loop. Remember, explore your weaknesses and then turn them into strengths!

Your capabilities and proficiency aren't going anywhere, so focus your resources on your weaknesses! That's how you get the best bang for your buck! Don't be afraid to explore new things in life. There are so many resources nowadays that would allow you to become a better version of yourself. Take my advice, it is never too late to improve and learn a new skill. And remember, ALWAYS BE FIERCE!

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