Data analytics: Why Veterans are the Answer

Rebekah Nugent - July 1, 2020

Companies are now actively looking for data analytics experts who can interpret and use the data effectively. This rise in job opportunities can be contributed to the fact that there are simply not enough data analysts out there. This has created a demand that is very favourable for people getting into data analytics. Data analytics requires you learn both hard and soft skills. 

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Businesses often overlook the value of a veteran and what benefits they can bring to a company. The fact is that people who have served in the military have important skills that can be implemented to increase the productivity of any business, and here’s why.

Reasons why veterans are best for data analytics


From their first day of training, veterans are taught about the value of cooperation and unity. Teamwork is a crucial element needed to meet goals and overcome challenges. Without collaboration and team building, it is almost impossible to be progressive as a unit. As you might know, the purpose of data analytics is only fulfilled when all the other departments are working towards a common goal. Hence, veterans know how to work together and cooperate while keeping everyone unified.


Integrity is a powerful tool that helps to run a business honestly and to keep the standard of excellence high. It earns respect from your managers, co-workers, and clients. Since teamwork and integrity go hand in hand, there is no better candidate than a veteran for data analytics. They can prove to be loyal and dedicated members of an organisation.


Veterans always work in teams and have a set of commands to follow under a leader. Every veteran experiences what is needed to be a good leader during their tenure. This makes them capable of not only delegating tasks but also being under command of someone such as a manager. These are the skills that make a perfect data analyst. Data analysts do not work on their own; instead, they have to collaborate with other departments and co-workers. This helps everything to come together as a unit and work smoothly.


The data analytics department has an integral role to play in the company's progress. Every company needs a team of data analysts because they can translate complex data in its raw form into meaningful information. It can be quite a daunting job which consists of data collection, management, mining, and representation. Data analytics reports significantly influence the decisions of marketers, salespersons, and managers. Therefore, data analytics requires a lot of resilience and focus for the benefits to be maximised. When a person fully commits his life to serve a country, they clearly show the ability to work hard towards a goal.

Control under pressure:

During their time of service, veterans come across many turbulent times and difficult challenges, which makes them immune to fear. Their experiences teach them how to react to unplanned events and to make decisions that will impact the entire team. Therefore, they are not afraid of uncertainty and can respond well under pressure. It is one of the most amazing qualities of a veteran which no one can beat. Veterans are not only an indispensable part of any team, but you also get to learn a lot from them as well. This is why veterans, are the answer.

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