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Rebekah Nugent - June 30, 2020

Cybersecurity professionals are one of the most sought-after individuals in the tech sector. The demand for these experts is extremely high, there just aren't enough people to fill the demand. According to a recent study, there is a 25% gap between the demand and supply of cybersecurity experts. In the tech sector, professionals who have good command over cybersecurity are paid very well compared to national averages.

Within the field of cybersecurity, just like every other industry, salaries can vary greatly. How much you get paid as a cybersecurity expert mainly depends on your expertise and the number of years you have been working for. You can still manage to optimise your return on investment in yourself by opting for any one of the below-mentioned cybersecurity jobs. All these jobs currently have an enormous scope in the market, and are expected to have excellent prospects in the future too.

5 Highly Paid Cyber Security Jobs in 2019

  • DevSecOps This role is a new addition in the extensive list of already existing cybersecurity jobs. It emerged when businesses felt the need to improve the efficiency of their DevOps teams by making feedback loops shorter, reducing the number of incidents, and making headcount overlap as little as possible. The average salary of DevSecOps is $145,000 per year. The exact salary of cyber security employees, however, varies depending on the skill set and the experience that an individual has. Since this is a comparatively new field in the tech sector, employers are willing to pay a high amount of salary to a well-qualified candidate. Hence, it is one of the most lucrative job roles when one talks about cybersecurity jobs in 2019.
  • InfoSec Manager What has made this role so significant? An upsurge in incidents of data hacking. Data is intangible in nature, yet it is one of the most precious assets that the organisations own. That is why companies are willing to spend money quite generously for the protection of their organisation’s data. Fortunately or unfortunately, today, data is prone to attack more than ever before. In the first half of last year, more than 4.5 billion data records became a victim of hacking. These hackers make use of Artificial Intelligence to steal important data records and indulge in cyber theft. Therefore, the role of InfoSec manager is crucial in protecting this data.
    People employed for such a critical role are also paid very well. The average pay of an InfoSec manager ranges between $120,000 to $185,000, depending on the expertise and experience of the individual. So if you are confused regarding which cybersecurity job to opt for then this one is your best bet!
  • Application Security Engineer When we talk about cybersecurity jobs, Application Security Engineer is one of the highest paying jobs amongst all the available options. If you plan to work in this post, you can expect an excellent monetary return. The average pay of an Application Security Engineer ranges between $120,000 and $182,500 annually. So you can expect to become ‘Richie-Rich’ after you work this position. Good news, isn’t it? As data becomes more and more vulnerable, the demand for these professionals is increasing by leaps and bounds.
    Consequently, organisations are willing to pay even more than the market average pay to the right candidate. However, it is essential to mention here that for this job role, it is primarily the candidate’s skill set that determines the pay. The person who is well-versed in the most advanced technological tools and the latest programming languages can expect to receive a higher pay job offer than others. That is how things usually work in the sphere of cybersecurity jobs and in nearly every other field so no surprise here.
  • Network Security Engineer Another top-paying job in the sphere of cybersecurity jobs is that of a Network Security Engineer. The primary duty of a network security engineer is to protect an organisation’s network against possible security threats. The salary that an organisation is willing to pay for this job depends on the value it places on the security of its network. The average pay of a Network Security Engineer ranges between $115,000 to $172,500. It is a highly lucrative and prestigious job in the tech sector. You should definitely aspire to become a Network Security Engineer as it has some great career prospects.
  • Cyber Security Engineer It is one of the most versatile cybersecurity jobs. According to Mondo’s 2019 Salary Guide, the average pay of Cyber Security Engineers ranges between $110,000 to $165,000. Individuals capable of working in this position are quite in demand. That is the reason why the salaries being offered are so high. However, the salary largely depends on your previous work experience. If you have previously been working in a Fortune 500 company, then obviously you will be offered a hefty salary package. On the other hand, if you are coming from a tech start-up, then your salary might not be that attractive.  

Salary Overview For The Top Cybersecurity Jobs

After going through the above text, you must have gauged that cybersecurity jobs are indeed lucrative and well paid. Over past few years, several pieces of research have been carried out which show that cybersecurity jobs are highly rewarding, at least in monetary terms. According to a study conducted by CIO, cybersecurity experts on average earn somewhere around $116,000. On the other hand, an article published in Forbes stated that salaries of cybersecurity professionals posted in U.S. metros can be as high as $380,000. In contrast to this, Glassdoor.com’s data shows that a cybersecurity engineer earns an average of $85,000 annually. In light of all these credible researches, we can certainly conclude that cybersecurity jobs do pay really well.

Cybersecurity Jobs - A Window To A Brighter Future

Like in any other job, the salary of cybersecurity experts is not universally fixed either. It varies according to the location, expertise, experience as well as the background of the employee. Some cybersecurity jobs pay more than others. Still, people acquiring cybersecurity jobs, in general, are paid quite well in comparison to other employees. The present situation, as well as the future prospects for this field, are quite bright. Hence, if you are interested in entering the tech sector, cybersecurity is your best bet.

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