9 Signs It's Time To Leave Your Job

- June 30, 2020

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Are you not content with your job? Do you have to force yourself every morning to get up and head to the office? If you are questioning whether to quit your job or not, this is the article for you. Refrain from making an impulsive decision and give yourself time to think this decision through thoroughly.

Once you submit your resignation, you cannot take it back. You have to make sure you are ready for this step if you are considering leaving because of bullying or feeling unsafe leave as soon as you can.

While we have all been told how to get a job and how to behave at work, no one is taught about when it is time to leave or even how to leave. Unfortunately, this causes many employees not even to think that leaving is a real option and get stuck somewhere they don't like working. So here are some top signs which can tell you when it's the right time to leave a job.

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9 Signs It Is Time To Leave Your Job

You are always unhappy:

If you feel that your work is not appreciated or respected and you could be better off somewhere else, then this is a telling sign you should resign. Your salary cannot fill the void when most of the day you are feeling bored, mistreated, depressed or lost. Do not forget that you don't have to lose your self-worth and self-respect just to be employed. There are circumstances when your employers will exploit you just because they think they can. If see yourself stuck in such a situation you should be looking to quit sooner than later.

The environment of the workplace is toxic:

A job is not all about giving your services and completing a task. It is about the company's outcome and whether they are worthy of your respect and support. Moreover, it matters how the company you work for treats the employees. The negative influence of bosses and colleagues can end up with you having a hard time which may take a toll on your well-being. If you see employees practising discrimination, harassment, or violence, then you're well within reason to call it quits. Assessing all the aspects of your work life can give you better insights on when you need to leave a position.

Your assigned role is not something you love to do:

If you in a position that you do not enjoy, you may feel exhausted and discontented all day. According to the 2019 Workplace Satisfaction Survey, 81% of employees left their jobs because they were not satisfied with their roles. Anything done half-heartedly tends to be nothing but a waste of your time and energy. You should do something which you love doing. After all, you won't get a second chance at life.

Timings and hours:

If your working hours have changed and no longer can fit into your life, then you should be considering finding another job. In such cases, you may not be able to give your family the quality time they need, which can lead to emotional distance and arguments at home. You also might not be able to take quality time for yourself. These factors can shatter your motivation and drive, as well as have adverse effects on your mental health. You may find yourself tired, exhausted, cranky and frustrated all the time. Taking a look at your balance between work and personal life can also help you decide when to leave a job. You need to make sure there is time to relax and refresh. YOU do need to reason with your demands on work/life balance; you are still working so you cannot expect to work for 4 hours a day and expect the same income as someone working longer hours, find what works for your life.

Career switch:

If your work does not excite you anymore or you feel like you have been doing the same thing for too long, then you might want to explore new areas. Feelings of monotony can become a catalyst for depression. It strips the enthusiasm from your life, making it feel stagnant and unfulfilling. If you believe that you are meant to do much more and conquer bigger things, then you have to kill off any hinderances, this may include your job. It might be time for you to take a leap and try something new. It could be entirely different or an advancement in your existing career, starting a business or retiring. If you wish to climb the ladder, then there is nothing that should be stopping, not even your job.


Sometimes you have no choice but to quit your job if you are moving. You can get a transfer if that's possible, but most likely you will have to get a new job.

Your company does not share your views:

They say if you want to bring about change in the world, you need to take the first step. If you are spending your precious time and efforts in life into something that does not bring any good to the world and you feel that it's having adverse effects on your life, then it is time to pull the plug. For example, if the organisation you work for is acting unethically or supporting a cause you disagree with, you may want to find a job where you feel like you are contributing to society. If you believe that your company is doing something unlawful, unethical, and wrong, you should not allow yourself to continue to work there.

You found a better job:

There is no better reason to leave a job than if you have another one waiting for you. Whether it has better to pay, better location, a dream job or even something that drives you, go and enjoy the new opportunity.


If you are planning on leaving:

If you are considering leaving, and are looking for jobs, you might want to give yourself a holiday. If there is no real reason for leaving but have started getting antsy about trying something new, go for it. It is always better to leave with another job secured but if you are in a position to be able to be unemployed for a little time you should go for it. Be reasonable with your expectations; and be prepared to live without a salary coming in but go out there and find your new direction.

Final Note:

You must always remember that money does not represent how successful you are. If you try and live through miserable situations just because you are being paid well, then you might want to rethink what value money has to your life. You might be happier somewhere else with a smaller pay packet. The most precious asset is you; happiness, self-respect, and peace are worth fighting for.

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