5 Reasons to Attend Tech Bootcamps... Starting Right Now!

- August 3, 2021

Businesses everywhere are struggling to find digital workers.  

WYWM makes finding and retaining that talent easy. We help test, train, and certify your entire workforce by offering continuous digital training and tools to support your organization’s needs. From data to cyber security courses, from software development to robotic process automation (RPA) courses, we’ve got it all. 

Here are five reasons you'll love our B2B tech bootcamps: 

1. Learn quicker 

WYWM courses – data, cyber, IT, robotics and more – typically runs about 100 hours. For every employee that’s a lot of time to dedicate and not everyone is suited for self-paced courses. That’s why we created bootcamps. It’s an environment where your staff can attend live trainings and ask any question they've got. And for some employees, this is the fastest and most efficient way to learn. 

2. Train your teams faster 

With our tech bootcamps, you can upskill your teams quicker and reduce their learning time with instructor led trainings. Your staff are guided by our subject matter experts (SMEs) with decades of experience who will teach them everything they need to succeed in their new digital roles. The more employees you need to train, the more valuable these bootcamps become. 

3. Maximize the use of your current software 

Your current business problem may not need the complex and expensive technical solution you think it does. You might think you need to bring in a developer or consultant on the project – but your best and cheapest solution may still come from upskilling your current operators on your existing systems and providing them continuous training so they can grow your business and improve efficiencies. We offer a range of courses such as AWS, SAP, Pega, etc. 

4. Improve your business outcomes 

One of the key pieces of advice we regularly offer clients is to focus on skills over controls. While controls are necessary, too much of it isn’t and often causes major slowdowns and unnecessary frustrations. If you are worried about what your employees will do with your data train them so they can use the data better rather than imposing more controls over the data. 

5. Build your digital capabilities quicker 

Bootcamps allow you build out your team’s digital capabilities faster rate than just self-paced learning. Although they are meant to supplement your existing courses, many organizations have found them to be a more efficient way to train their people in the latest technologies.  

Our bootcamps were designed to help clients achieve their goals quicker. 

 So take full advantage it. It’s 100% free for WYWM clients. 

If you want to break into the tech industry then sign up to our platform and begin your training today.

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